Recovery Churches

The Recovery Church Ministry is committed to providing a coordinated effort of recovery and restoration to broken and ministry weary EFCA pastors and missionaries as well as the members of their families.

Partnering with local EFCA churches, districts and the EFCA national office, the Recovery Church Ministry's goal is to help the ministry leader and their family recover personal, spiritual and family health, in the context of a local church. 

Basic needs of housing, employment and financial stability will be effectively addressed by the Recovery Church team. In addition, team members will help the family establish friendships, prayer supporters and pastoral guidance during the restoration process.

Regaining personal, spiritual and family health, and a renewed opportunity to serve Christ, will take time. A two-year minimum commitment is required of both the church and the family entering the recovery process.

If your church would like information on how to serve as a Recovery Church, please contact our office for further details.

EFCA ministry leaders are encouraged to reach out to our office and their district superintendent if you would like to discuss options available to help find restoration after a difficult ministry.

Pastoral Care Ministries

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